Sex addiction, like any addiction, is an attempt to escape from the chaos and pain of life. This pain may be as concrete as the pain of abuse, and it may be as subtle as the pain of loneliness or meaninglessness. Sex addiction often begins as a falling into unhealthy sexual behaviors at an early age, solidifies into a choice to engage in wrong sexual thinking and behavior, and ends with an inability to not practice those same, or increasingly worse, thought patterns and behaviors.
At Eagle Creek Counseling, we do not so much look for recovery from sex addiction as we do growth out of it. While there are many facets of sex addiction counseling, eventually there will need to be a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth that results in one becoming the person that God created him or her to be so that life can be lived without the crutch of sex.
Growth out of sex addiction is no easy task, but it is a truly noble and rewarding one. To strive to become that person God designed you to be, will put you onto a path that not many are willing to walk. The end of it is to discover a self that you are proud to be.